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Idea for diabetes awareness page

Two main wisdom when I research about diabtes:


Official Lions Club International content:

4 diabetes programs/projects

A.  Strides for Diabetes Awareness
B. Type 2 diabetes screening
C. Diabetes peer support groups
D. Diabetes Camps program
End of LCI content.

This site is being developed.

Great news: people with diabetes could live longer than people without diabetes. Despite medical advancement, people are not getting the benefits. If you take one thing away, EXERCISE (see below).

My name is Eric Cheung, the webmaster thanks to Lion Gail Gates’s help. Future plan to be more organized to club activities vs for general public.


  1. https://lionsdiabetes.org/blog/f/are-you-my-type Californian Lions Club are using this main site to spread the words. Lions Brian Billard is the chairperson. He is working on the LCI Diabetes Grant to buy two non-invasive and no dilation needed retinography camera to screen for early retinography damage.
    Need: people to write grants
    My understanding is the cost is $30k. With matching grant, we need to raise $15k. One camera used for Northern California and one camera used for Southern California. This is based on a successful model in Florida where they have 10 cameras.

2. California Lions Camp is looking for Lions to help setup a diabetes camp. They will need a committee of Lions. LCI has half day, full day, weekend, week long camp to choose from. Medical support will need to be arranged.

3. Interactive webinars or seminar. After thorough research, these three topics could reach the people in need. Much more interactive than traditional lecture style.

A. What are things about diabetes that drive you crazy

B. Diabetes on the cheap

C. Have a medical doctor to answer questions about diabetes

4. Spanish

5. November National Diabetes Month

November Lions Diabetes Day

6. City of Hope Club Fundraising Page


7. March American Diabetes Association Diabetes Alert Day

8. Complications with diabetes – a can of worms: extremely high or low blood sugar could cause life threatening events. Complications with legs, eyes, mouth and prolonged healing time.

So good management of diabetes will prevent these complications

9. Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is awesome

10. LCI Store:

11. Monthly MD4 Diabetes zoom meeting


California Lions Diabetes Chair Lion Brian Ballard presents: Diabetes in your family?Free Diabetes Informational Event!Open to the publicThursday July 29th 7pm Pacific Time via ZoomRegistration linkhttps://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZMvcO6tqDkoGtCATb…/success…CaliforniaLions.org | LionsDiabetes.org |

12. EXERCISE. I put it way at the bottom so higher chance you will read through all these activities. You don’t need to wait for Strides event or climb Mount Everest. Start something small. Walk an extra block to get your mail. Half a block. Walk around the house one or two times more a day. Walk a little bit more when you can.